MTV Jazz


Tom Petty, Ron Wood, Bob Dylan.   Ages 31, 35, 34.
Brought to you by MTV.

"Grease Monkeys with Famous Names."   Kinda sounds like a bad road movie from the 60's, doesn't it?   What?   You weren't even born yet in the 60's?   Well, that's fine for you, but not for us.   You see, two-thirds of our audience are 18-34 year olds.   Born between 1956 and 1972.   TWO-THIRDS of them!   People who maybe actually liked bad road movies.   People who spent over $31 BILLION on cars last year.   People for whom "rock" is a necessity and "roll" is what you do with the top down.   MTV viewers.   Groovy.

MTV.   More 18-34's than you could fit into a '65 Chevy.

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