These ads were part of a trade campaign targeted at media planners. The idea was to let them know that MTV delivered an older demographic than they thought. Research had shown that younger viewers tended to stick with the channel as they grew up into the 18-34 target.

The first 4 print ads make demographic points about our audience by using actual people with famous names. This campaign used a "dynamic tagline," a concept I invented for this project. The idea was to own a tagline template that could be filled in with different specific points. Here the format was "More 18-34's than...."

The last two thumbnails here are the same ad, a direct mail piece from the same campaign, but illustrating the client's tagline: "They've grown up with it, they haven't grown out of it." We hired Al Jaffee of MAD magazine to do the illustration and he commended me on the copy, which he said he mostly had to rewrite for people. It's really tough to write this kind of copy even though I'd done it once before for Flamingo East restaurant.

I worked on MTV my entire tenure at Fred/Alan, the last staff job I had. They had a lot of Viacom business and did all of MTV's trade advertising. After spending the first few years of my copy life doing mostly TV, it was nice to produce a bunch of print.

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