MTV Jazz


Janet Jackson, age 27.
Brought to you by MTV.

Yeah, O.K., some of our viewers are a little bit on the innocent side, but c'mon, 82% of them are 18 or older, and we're betting that most of that 82% is, as Jimi Hendrix put it, "experienced." But hey, we didn't buy this page to talk dirty in public, (we do that just to get your attention) we bought this page to talk demographics. "DEMOGRAPHICS!!" we can just hear you scream, "I LOVE DEMOGRAPHICS!!" Well, you're in luck: 82% of our viewers are of "consenting adult" age, and 80% of them are 18-34's. Sure they were innocent once, like maybe 10 years ago when they first started watching MTV. But now, a decade of Music Television has made its mark on them. And even if they say they still are, we'll bet they're bluffing.

MTV. More 18-34's than you could fit into the back seat of your car.

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