Youth Culture in America

There is certainly no more dynamic culture in the world today than youth culture in America.   “Youth Culture in America” is an exhibition being created that will bring together and present some of the most egregious external influences our kids encounter: from television, cartoons, popular music, advertising, coloring books, peers, abusive teachers and parents, and so on.   Some of them are stamped with my opinions (on issues that range from gender stereotypes to the marketing of drugs and sex to teenagers, to violence), and some of them are presented as-is,   a conglomeration of both original creations and ready-mades, art and archeology.

The artworks for this show fall into three basic types:   illustration and interpretive illustration (a sheet of Bevis and Butthead blotter acid; a gumball machine filled with condoms, joints, and bullets), “connect-the-dots” pieces (a child’s coloring book page superimposed over the pages from an adult’s self-help book) and macabre appropriations (the See-n-Say with explicit lyrics, the Yosemite Sam piece, and the Pin the Bullet Hole on the Schoolboy Game).

On the whole, this will be a show of artistic editorials: topical, accessible and hopefully poignant.