America's Seven Deadly Sins

As many artists do, I work in series. And as many artists have done before me, I decided that the seven deadly sins would make an interesting series. It quickly became apparent to me though, that I couldnít honestly embrace the Catholic list of seven: lust, greed (avarice), envy, sloth, wrath, gluttony, pride.

As an artist, pride is a happily attendant by-product of much of my work. As a father of three heavenly children, I felt that lust had really, finally served me well. As an American and a capitalist, I think that, in addition to its obvious dark side, greed can also be a motivator for good.

So I discarded the definitive list of seven and began to create my own; and as I had done for previous projects, I looked to my country for inspiration. So was born ìAmericaís Seven Deadly Sins.î

They are not the root sins, from which all others spring (as they are in the original list) and they are not only found here in America, they are simply the most egregious traits this country has to offer. Here is my list and a brief description of the sin and the painting that goes with it:

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