"Ahead" for Acura

Ahead is where we're going and we're already there.
Ahead pulls us toward it and we keep our eyes and minds and souls open. Ahead is the advance guard of automotive design and personal transportation fulfillment. Ahead is insight, foresight and wherewithal. We are there now and we will keep going there always. Ahead.

Ahead knows that the better part of genius is understanding the resources that are available to us.
Technology transforms us, but we transform it first. At Acura, we scan the environment for the useful new and accelerate the process of bringing this information to you in a way that will improve your life.

Ahead speeds ever forward to slow down time and eradicate downtime.
Time is the ultimate commodity, and while it can't be outright bought or sold, you can buy futures in it. Acuras are designed to minimize downtime and maximize your uptime. It's accomplished with our award-winning service record, a navigation system that maps and projects real time traffic data to reroute you around gridlock, and a driving experience so enjoyable that it can actually make time fly.

Ahead disintegrates barriers, blurs seams, and fuses functions.
Our cars are a yin/yang of seeming contradictions creating an exciting and perfect whole. Polished bamboo floors meet wiperless windshield wipers. Voluptuous creature comforts live alongside high tech voice recognition navigation. Whisper quite interior is balanced by a state of the art Bose sound system with XM Satellite Radio. In every Acura, yin fuses with yang in perfect harmony.

Ahead is the process of turning science fiction into science function.
Download and install software and upgrades to personalize your car's performance. Communicate directly with your car's CPU and electromagnetically control special dampers to adjust your car's handling and ride. All this from your custom fitted driver's seat. It's not just about exterior and interior color and material selections anymore, ahead gives you a more intimate relationship with your car and all aspects of buying and using it by putting you in a car as unique as you are.

Form follows function, function follows ahead.
Beauty is much more than skin deep with the customized guts of every Acura, but you want the outside to reflect it, too. You want ergonomics and aerodynamics, a car that looks as cool as it actually is and a perfect reflection of you. You want award winning design and fast forward performance. And you get it with every Acura.

Ahead is the domain of every alpha individual and is always just out of beta.
It's not enough to simply make a car that's ahead, we need to put you there, too. With real-time traffic updates, real-time weather forecasts and weekly listings on our voice activated navigation system. That means concerts, plays, movies and events playing right in your car.

Ahead mixes physics with metaphysics
A car that is as exhilarating to drive as it is to look at. Technology that is as easy to use as it is hard to create. Handling that is as scientifically advanced as it is personally transforming. Internal and external features that can be individualized to reflect you, your driving style, and your aesthetic. Cars that take you places you won't find on any map or off any road and will never make you leave the you behind. Ahead. It'll take you places you never dreamed of.

Ahead. It's where we put you. Acura.

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