Flamingo East

The world's best client, Blair Wynkoop. Most of these ads ran in Paper magazine and all Blair ever wanted was something fun. I did a whole series of place settings, photos, cut outs, illustrations, etc. When he wanted a coupon but said he didn't really want to discount anything, I made a nearly impossible to cut out cut out of the flamingo legs.

Included in this batch of ads are two that ran in the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival program, one of my favorite ads of all time is "a 6-course feast of films we'd like to see," which imagines menu items as films. Also included is an ad that ran in the first N.Y. edition of Time Out, a menu cover I did (using actual scrabble tiles) and an ad I did for Blair's bar Standard when he wanted to highligh the swell reviews he'd received for the place.

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